Paris and London Websites and Blogs

Grateful Graduate Project 2013: Reasons to be grateful 306-325

Each of these sites have forced me to look at Paris and London anew, and see them from a more profound perspective. I am grateful for each of these for providing light, deepening the joy of, and  even balancing my romantic ideas of the cities with doses of reality (strange that at times reality becomes more apparent by exploring it through virtual spaces!):

  1.  – a dynamic website covering several aspects of London’s present and future prospects.
  2. – run by the city of Paris, a great primer on how to maximise the experience of living in this fabulous city, with an English version
  3. – explores  urban architecture, incuding that of Paris, a great way to get knowledgeable insight into the city’s structures and forms
  4.  – a great place to pick up information and trivia on London
  5.   – this is made of serious stuff, unpacks urban life in Paris and its surrounding region, a great place to get a dose of reality on  Parisian urbanity in
  6. – an urbanist  site that reflects more broadly on European cities, and has longer reflective pieces on Paris from time to time in French and English
  7. – a great noticeboard for the Anglo community in Paris (classified ads of all sorts)
  8. – for an introduction to life in Paris’  Le Marais  neighbourhood
  9. – essential reading on “living the sweet life in Paris’ and discovering ways of indulging the sweet toothed
  10. –  the city’s website is actually quite useful, worth exploring
  11. – one of this bloggers favourite websites on London
  12. – a great way to help one navigate the west end
  13. – interesting site on Paris
  14. – fabulous guide to determining how best to enjoy theatre in the west end
  15. –  a blog much loved by this blogger for its insight into how to enjoy  Paris on the cheap
  16. – essential community newsite for living on the Southbank
  17. – after missing English bookstores in Paris, this is a great guide to what to pick out from London’s book stores before crossing back across the channel
  18. –  core reading for London
  19. –  offers interesting spatial representations of London,  one begins to walk through the city a bit differently
  20.  ‘euraxess’ available through –  while not a London or Paris website, it nonetheless gives information on research jobs in the two cites and across Europe. 

It is great that both cities are well documented, I am grateful that these are cities that have an abundance of information on how to enjoy them more fully.