Songs on Paris – and London

Grateful Graduate Project 2013: Reasons to be grateful 326 – 345 of 365

I am grateful for  the role that this music plays in creating a sense of place, evoking memory, and stoking positive emotion toward Paris and London. These mostly Parisian songs are a few odes to these beloved cities that have enhanced the experience of being in these two great cities. I am grateful for each of these for the interesting function they perform in strengthening resolve, maintaining affection for these cities, and inspiring confidence in Paris – and London, too.  The experience of studying here is therefore not solely shaped by books but by  stimuli such as music.

  1. À Paris, Francis Lemarque           
  2. Fibre de verre, Paris Combo           
  3. April In Paris    Ella Fitzgerald           
  4. Couplet de la Rue de Bagnolet, Gerard Pitiot           
  5. C’est si bon, Yves Montand           
  6. Bilingue in Paris,  Pascal Lejeune           
  7. Fleur De Paris, Maurice Chevalier           
  8. La ballade de Paris, Yves Montand           
  9. Le flamenco de Paris,Yves Montand           
  10. Swing From Paris,  Stéphane Grappelli  
  11. Le gamin de Paris, Yves Montand  
  12. Les Amants de Paris, Edith Piaf  
  13.  Sous le ciel de Paris, Edith Piaf  
  14.  Mon Vieux Paris, Maurice Chevalier           
  15. Paris, Je T’aime D’amour Maurice Chevailier           
  16. A Foggy Day (In London Town)

 17. Feed the Birds,  Julie Andrews  

 18. London By Night, Frank Sinatra

19. London Hymn, Josh Groban

20.  Greensleeves – Yes, it may not have been written by Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn, but it still evokes England, London for this blogger…