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José Maria Sert Expo, La Petit Palais

Just found out about an exhibition of Catalan ‘Peintre décorateur’, José Maria Sert’s work to be hosted at the Petit Palais. It is set to run until the 5th of August. Sert is widely known for his skilful artistry with murals and apparently also had the distinct privilege of callingSalvador Dali a friend. He also holds his own as one of the several grand masters of art who honed their talents drawing upon the city of Paris as a muse. The ‘expo’ seems to be quite promising as a worthwhile visit. Entrance is at 10 euro, 7 euros for those lucky to be entitled to discounts and 5 euro for half price tickets. It is in times like this that one wishes they could pass for being under 12. For more information, click here

The influence of Paris on Music – Expo

The city of Paris has been a faithful muse to several musicians. Indeed, things that do not usuqlly inspire song have helped shape music in the case of Paris – its urban planning, architecture, the indentities that are attached to buildings, the character of neighbourhoods and different episodes in the city’s history. In acknowledgement of the influence that the geography of Paris has has on music, two of the city’s libraries are currently hosting an exhibition that traces this dialogue between geography and art. Details of the expo are given at the end. The role of music in the creation of the image of Paris sits alongside a plethora of other artistic representations that have carved the image of the city. The political implications are probably huge. A positive country image is priceless currency to gaining power and influence in international politics. And as such, the image of Paris carved through the arts plays much more than an entertainment role. Even newly wealthy cities, such as those in the Persian gulf, realise that having lots …

ARTofNOW Exhibition – Les Vierges de Noël

St Sulpice is currently host to an ‘expo’ entitled “Les Viereges de Noël” presented by Art of Now, a non-profit organisation. The exhibition has on display contemporary interpretations of sculptures of the Blessed Virgin Mary, made to both represent post modern perspectives of the sacred – and maybe also make a larger statement about how sacred figures transcend both time and space and continue to be relevant in our day. I think I will pay the expo a second visit, because apparently, this is also to be seen at the end of the day to better appreciate some of the details in the sculptures that one can easily miss during the day. The exhibition runs at Église Saint Sulpice until the 29th of January. More details here

Expo: “Fra Angelico et les Maîtres de la lumiére”

The Musée Jacquemart-André is hosting an interesting expo of artists in the renaissance style of Fra Angelico. It seems to be a celebration of gifted Italian artists who mastered the art of creating exquisite, intricate fresco’s. It is not quite the same as going to Florence to imbibe the spirit behind these paintings and work. Nonetheless, I’m hoping to get lost in the works of Fra Angelico and other renaissance masterpieces. So I guess I’ve decided to spend the day off by indulging in a bit of escapism. Details of access, direction, opening times are presented beautifully here. The link also includes information on how to download a supplementary iPad/iPhone application to enhance the experience.

Museums and monuments open in Paris on All Saints Day 2011

Tomorrow is All Saints Day an hopefully there will be enough time to profit from the museums and other things that will be open then. Luckily, I bumped into a list of options of museums and monuments that are going to be open despite it being a public holiday. So I put together a list, complete with links below… Decisions, decisions, decisions… La Sainte Chapelle Le musée des Arts Décoratifs La Fondation Cartier Les Égouts de Paris Le Musée de l’Érotisme Le musée du Parfum Fragonard Le musée Grévin La Halle Saint-Pierre L’Institut du Monde Arabe Le musée Jacquemart-André Le musée Marmottan Le musée de la Mode et du Textile Le musée d’Orsay Le Palais de la Découverte Le Panthéon Le Musée du Quai Branly Le musée Rodin L’Espace Salvador Dali Le musée du Vin Source:

Chagall et la Bible

Went out yesterday to check out an exhibit of Marc Chagall’s thought provoking, biblically-themed art works on show at the Musee d’art et histoire du Judaisme. There is so much to be glean from it and the only way to appreciate it is to get one’s butt to 71 Rue du Temple, 75003 Paris.