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Fête du Cinéma 2012, Festival Paris Cinéma

I cannot claim to be a film fundi but I do appreciate the chance to explore cinema from different parts of the world and am especially delighted that there will be plenty of opportunity to do so over the next fortnight or so. It is time for the Fête du cinema and Festival Paris Cinema… Fête du Cinema , 24-27 June, 2012 (+ a few days extra, check website link) The Fête du Cinema has run its first two days and there is still a bit of time to catch a little bit of what remains: Click here for more details on the rest of the fête programme. Festival Paris Cinéma 2012, 29 June -10 July 2012 Not to be mistaken with the above, is the similarly named, but newer, yearly event, the Festival Paris Cinéma. The former will be making its 28th lap, while this Festival is 18 years younger. Also, whereas the ‘fête du cinema”s main selling point seems to be that of providing a window of access to affordable new and other …

A Monster in Paris

I came out a few months ago as a fully grown man who studies important things at an important institution but who loves cartoons nonetheless – and so, I am delighted to report with much pride that ‘A Monster in Paris’ is definitely one of the best Paris-themed film to watch. It touches on quite profound themes in addition to being entertaining and is fabulous viewing for the entire family. I cannot wait to start a family and watch it over and over again with my kids as an excuse. Here is a piece of the soundtrack which could work as an iPod soundtrack while sitting in the sun on the Seine on one of these lovely, long sunny days!

French film, poetry and political faux pas

Today, like many of others spent here was swallowed up by the legal reason for my being in Paris – a record breaking 14 hours of classes and talks, back to back. I’m not going to complain. It is part of the deal. In between it all, I managed to pick up a few bits of news about the world beyond the walls of my ‘grande école’ on films to watch, great French poetry to use for pedagogical purposes and the big story of the day provided by none other than the most honourable President of the Republic and his interior minister sidekick. More on that later. French film Two films came as recommended, although I cannot vouch for the good taste or lack thereof of the recommender. The first, I hear, is an entertaining third installation of a series of movies that has now taken on something of a cult following since its first appearance in the late 90s. The series of films apparently revolves around the lives of a group of jewish businessmen, …

Paris In-Cameo

Last night, finally got round to watching Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess in “One Day” where Paris makes a dazzling cameo appearance. In this clip,  La Gare du Nord provides a backdrop for one of the interesting turns in the movie.

Saturday night in, Paris by Cedric Klapisch

Spending a Saturday night in with my Beloved – and snuggling up to a modern classic on Paris by Cedric Klapisch. This small ‘bande-annonce’ could not capture the essence and core of the city better – the institution of the local Boulangerie. It is one of the unifying experiences across the various social divides in the city. Brilliant trailer and characterisation of the city.