A little more than just French lessons

One of the grounding components of my weekly timetable are the two French classes per week. I have a feeling that long after I leave Paris, I will either find a local french class at a higher level, start my own French book club or do something to keep the weekly dosages of French coming….

French Conversation Practice in Paris

Franglish is an initiative to encourage linguistic exchange between English and French speakers in London, Nice and Paris that I was introduced to a few months back. I’m still to make the trip to a Franglish event but have had the privilege of feeding off my bi weekly French classes. My partner who speaks French…

Mind Your Language!

Every Tuesday and Thursday we meet for a commonly loved time, ‘special class’ for foreigners who do not know the first thing about French (a common identity that is constantly reinforced by Parisians who are rarely shy to point out how dim you come across for not speaking the language). Well, to be fair, our…

french magazine

The first of many links on where to learn and practice French! ( click above)