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Videos: Love between Paris and London, Haydn at the Sorbonne

Splitscreen: A Love Story Came across this sweet video, shot entirely on a Nokia mobile phone. The onerly analytical part of my brain sees in the video poignant themes about how love transcends distance and space. But, I think this is one best enjoyed simply for its charm, the beauty of Paris and London and the very beautiful, human story it puts across: Splitscreen: A Love Story from James W Griffiths on Vimeo. Haydn’s ‘La Création’, Paris IV Just noticed that the featured video on Paris Sorbonne’s YouTube channel is an excerpt from none other than one of my most beloved oratio’s by Haydn – The Creation. I’ve listened to Haydn’s majestic oratio performed by the Cambridge King’s College Choir very often on th métro partly to be awed by the precision of German composers, the attention to detail that is self evident , but more often than not to be reminded of the story line that inspired Haydn. This idea of creating entire new realities out of nothing. Ok, I am beginning to ramble. …

Robert Doisneau Photography Expo – Free!

An expo of Robert Doisneau’s photography of Les Halles is currently showing at Hotel de Ville, for free. The most famous of his photographs has to be the kiss in front of hotel de ville. I’ve pencilled in a visit and cannot wait to have a peak: Details of the event —- From 8 Feb au 28 aprl 2012 Open all days save for sunday annd public holidays from 10h à 19h. Last entrants allowed to go through at 18h30. At Salon d’accueil of the Mairie de Paris 29 rue de Rivoli 75004 Paris Métro : Hôtel de Ville Accessible to people with reduced mobility. For further information : Free entrance.

Paris this morning

I am not sure if it is ethical or not to literally take pictures of people behind their backs, but i did just that because I thought it could be a nice image for the blog — These are a two images from a beautiful morning in Paris today – it’s slightly wet, a perfect day for a jog, along the Seine if one can. I love mornings like this — quite refreshing! Man under a gentle Paris drizzle Walking to Pont Neuf, along the Seine

Beloved Boulevard Raspail

It is one of the arterial veins of the 6th arrondissement and – to me at least – one of those places that forces one into walk one’s spouse’s partners hand in theirs. It simply seems the only appropriate thing to do. The history of the neighbouhood is not particularly romantic. It goes back to the days when the Catholic church was the main show in town and the source of the French states’ power. The area was, as such, dominated by religious orders and abbeys. You can still notice open spaces and buildings still dedicated to various orders as you walk through streets with a monastic like silence. The architecture in some instances gives the past away if you look closely to the uniformity and symbols. In more recent times it became something of an intellectual incubator and infact, it still is, given the location of several top academic institutions within its bounds. After dark, on any given evening, regardless of its past, under its lunar street lamps and inviting quiet streets it becomes …

Saint Germain and Pont des Arts in the Morning

It is a rare view of the city to see early morning packages get delivered, feet shuffle slowly from and to our different versions of life in Paris and as an unwritten code of civility forces people to respectfully board on and off the métro with little hassle caused or experienced. This is the strange scenario that revealed itself yesterday morning as I set out for an early start on St Germain Boulevard. There is something sacredly intimate about catching Paris as she wakes up. She neatly and beautifully rises to prepare herself for the neuroses of impatient commuters and confused tourists that aParis a fantastic place to live, work and play. The sense of a solitude shared with a few souls is particularly sweet when one walks onto Pont des Arts to find an almost unobstructed view of the bridge’s entirety, for example. Of the many precious moments one can enjoy of seeing the city, very few of them beat getting to see her as she begins to wake up.

Sugar frosted Paris and Claire de Lune

Touches of Snow This morning we woke up not only to the highest electrical consumption level in the history of France but also to beautiful scenes of fine sugary flakes of snow covering the edges of pavements, stacks of cafe chairs left outdoors and the steps and roofs of the city’s buildings. It is a bit passé to take pictures of the snow but it was an urge I found difficult to resist. So, I swallowed my psychological complexes and paranoia about acting too much like a tourist and took a few pictures. Clair de Lune Logged onto iTunes to do some classical music shopping and realised that Natalie Dessay has a new interpretation of Debussy’s Clair de Lune out. It is a gorgeus interpretation of the Suite Bergamasque! And it also gave me extra motivation to go and see the Claude Debussy museum which is in the Greater Paris region (added to to-do list!)

Canopy of clouds

So, it appears as though the cold, white winter of last year is not going to repeat itself this time round.  But, the indecisive, brooding, cloudy greyness makes for a stunning canopy for  the already beautiful city of Paris. Here are some images I took the other day on a particularly grey afternoon: