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#JeSuisCharlie: Reading New Discourses through Parisian graffiti and posters

Paris has rapidly gone through stages of  shock, then silent grief, and today seemed to be a highpoint of defiance and backlash. The graffiti and posters emerging out of this time expose an interesting  discourse beginning to emerge  – or rather, new lines of debate.  A week ago, the economy, youth unemployment were key. The public discourse seems to be shifting, at least for now. Here are a few recurring themes or frames that have emerged.They are instructive as to how people are constructing meaning to  the events  of the past week. Nationalism 2.0? Nationalist Narrative Text as Power Equality is so 2013: The  (re)New(ed)centrality of liberty The Politics of Laughter:Humor as transgressive and a challenge to Power Answer to Identity Crisis: ‘Charlie’ as individual and collective identity