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Parisian Soundtrack: Street music under summer sunshine

One of the joys of Paris in the summer is the ubiquity of street music. Well, depending on your tolerance levels for a soundtracked city experience. The city serves as a muse to countless artists who respond to their creative impulses, breaking out in song, dance and other forms of artistic expression in several of the cities public spaces. It is an interesting use of such spaces which perhaps somewhat reflects what Greco-Roman urban planners had in mind in conscptualising the use of public spaces as places to meet for various reasons. With television, internet, youtube, et al.. the purpose of public squares has become somewhat progressively problematic. In Paris, however, it seems as though artists have claimed a bit of the right to use free spaces to entertain. Admittedly, not all of the streetside acts are entertaining and pleasant to everyone, but they usually are quite well made and of a god standard. I”ve been to a few European towns were the standard of street entertainment could be improved upon. The city of Paris …

Highlight – Concert at the Sorbonne

The Grand Amphitheatre of the old Sorbonne served as a beautiful setting for a delicious concert serving of a divinely orchestrated blend of German, Russian and Italian compositions. Wagner, Tchaikovsky and Puccini were woven together earlier this month make a gorgeous evening – and a fabulous date out on the city on my part – that will not be forgotten soon. Here’s a little taste of one of the many transcendent moments of the evening – an excerpt of the Gloria in Puccini’s ‘Missa di Gloria’. Divine! Gloria, Puccini from George on Vimeo.

Idan Raichel Project in Paris – this weekend!

I have loved the music of this ensemble for a while. Even more so, I have loved the group’s underlying concept of Being a culturally diverse group from a part of the world where divisions based on religion, cultural heritage, history, political persuasion run deeply. It is an ‘Israeli’ group to the extent that it comes from Israel but it debunks all of the negative stereotypes and caricatures of the state of Israel ,the controversial political entity (to state the case mildly). The Idan Raichel project’s music is elevating to mind, body and spirit – no need to understand what they are saying. If you have a basic vocabulary of semitic languages it may be possible to decipher parts of the music – but the power of the Idan Raichel project lies not only in their poignant lyrics and message but in the spirit that underlies their music. For that, no inguistic skill is needed. This is set to be a worthwhile concert to attend, if only to catch a glimpse of a vision of …

Frenchy Music for a Friday Morning

I could not find a music video for one my favourite pieces of music for a Friday morning. But, I came across this youtube video with not so much to look at although it has the required music. A little shot in the arm to be strong enough to confront the métro. It is a song called ‘Fibre de Verre’by “Paris Combo” that I fell in love with a few years ago while dreaming about living in Paris and building up inspiration to move here for a while. A jazzy piece, perhaps with a tinge of bossa nova – it’s perfect background to ease into the weekend – which in France lasts de facto until Tuesday. While some people do go to work on Monday, it is often just for show (this is a theory I’ve read a few times).So, with this song it what can one say but ‘Hello, long weekend’!

Adele, Someone Like You: Paris as a Perfect Backdrop

Adele – Someone Like You from AdeleTurkey on Vimeo. This music video of “Someone like you” is set in none other than beautiful Paris herself. It captures some of the city’s pittoresque pieces of architecture and civil engineering in chic noir et blanc. Depending on one’s musical tastes, the song itself may or may not be the very best accompaniment to the scenes captured in its video. Personally, I think the song and place go well together. Whatever the case, this music video, with its various scenes of Paris is ‘magnifique’ to say the least!