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Pivotal Paris Politics – 2010 France in Retrospect

It’s the enf of yet another year – and in keeping with the season, lonely editors and reporters, and dedicated ones too – take this down time to pull together the highlights of the past year. often compelling them into the “best of…’ whatever it is books, movies … whatever it is …of the year. Living in Paris has been very interesting politically. Being at the centre of a very centralised political entity – Paris is where most of the news happens in France. Given several cultural and historical factors – Paris is not only the de jure and de facto political, cutural, historical centre of France – it holds a monopoly over the entire country’s political agenda. At least this is what the past year’s news stories seem to confirm. France 24 describes 2010 as the ” year of unrest and soul-searching in France, marked by political scandals, painful social reforms, a crackdown on Roma migrants and heated debates on national identity and the “burqa ban”. ” in this look at the “Big Stories …

Rising River Seine

France 24 among others reports on the river Seine recording exceptionally high water levels – apparently the highest since 1910. There isn’t much evidence of any official acknowledgement of an imminent flooding of the Seine’s banks (or any apparent bursting of the river toward the streets of central Paris!) – but should it happen, that should make for some interesting times in the city. Click here for an interesting France24 piece on the rising Seine.

Paris Voice: ‘Webzine’ for English speaking Parisians

Came across a useful link to a ‘webzine’ for English speaking Parisians (click on the heading above) The webzine seems to be a useful collection of events in and around Paris, travel to various parts of France, practical tips on life in Paris – and several other useful bits of info for Parisians still brushing up on their French and not confident enough to browse through pages of fully fledged French! 🙂

Newspapers in Paris – becoming easier with death, clearing confusion over the strikes

it is not quite clear yet whether the strikes are over or not, if one looks at today’s papers in Paris. And, also in from Switzerland – perhaps death is not so much of a taboo subject, we need to become more at ease about the subject. Maybe bring it up at a party, over coffee, non? Today’s papers reviewed by France 24… <a href="“&gt;