Le Havre

Cold, atlantic ocean air, sea gulls, muscled Norman men, pretty girls – it’s a sweet calm spot away from Paris. These are images taken around a ship dock turned into a shopping mall in Le Havre…

Horse Riding, Getaway to Countryside France

Beyond Paris are goregeous country side scenes to be taken in and vast expanses to inspire. These are images taken from an equestrian club in Normandy. Loved this place!!

Pierre Corneille – Rouen Weekend Excursion

Although he spent his last years and days in Paris, as a respected playwright, Pierre Corneille’s birth place In Rouen and studio (where he composed Le Cid among others!) is a fascinating place to visit when and if out of Paris.

Out of Paris expedition (3): Harfleur, North Western France

Harfleur, North Western France from George on Vimeo. For the greater part of six centuries, this old town – that now has a population of under 10000 people – was a key trading port in North Western France. It also was a pivotal town in France’s running tensions with England, given its geographical position. Several…

French expeditions out of Paris (1): Normandy

It was lovely to have a bit of a weekend getaway to Normandy: an absolutely gorgeous part of the country! Below are just a few of the images of lovely Normandy – the Atlantic ocean’s breathtaking coastline at Etretat; A Norman style building from 1736 in the old village of Harfleur, close to LeHavre and…