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Three happiness boosting places to eat/drink in Paris (emotive geographies 13)

This past week has come with interesting places to eat, drink, and be merry. Food and drink are probably two of the most reliable means of shifting emotions and our perceptions about the places in which we live and work, almost instantly. Alcohol in moderation, preferably consumed in wine form, seems to have a particularly immediate and efficacious effect upon one’s affective state ūüôā Three of the great places to enhance one’s experience of Paris through food and drink that this blogger has come across are: 1. Le Baron Rouge at 1 Rue Th√©ophile Roussel in the 12th arrondissement which offers wine at reasonable prices. There is an option to also contribute to the salvation of the planet by bringing in your own bottle for wine on tap at prices as low as ‚ā¨3,50. With great company, this place makes for a great early evening out and a means of bringing instant balance to graduate student computer ridden existence. 2. A well loved place to grab vietnamese food – the restaurant Paris-Hanoi, 74 Rue du …

Franco-Spanish on a Thursday night

Grateful Graduate Project: Reason to be Grateful 10 of 365 The nature of Paris as a global city is aptly reflected in the culinary diversity offered throughout the city, at an equally diverse range of prices. Paris has not yet been completely taken over by the globalisation of tastes – that is, taste has not yet been completely Americanised if one is to be blunt. 5 I add here Americanisation is not necessarily a bad thing!) Yes, one finds McDonalds, Starbucks and other icons of globalised taste – yet, there is a strong sense of Paris offering strong alternatives to globalised taste. This is one reason to love being in Paris, the persistence of alternatives to the globalised standard of taste. Perhaps the more important value of this alternative diversity of taste is that by being exposed to alternatives, it is a stimulating place to learn to think critically, to question the norm and appreciate alternative ways of living in the world. I am especially grateful today for¬†Cafe Huit√®me that serves great Spanish and French …

Tasting Paris through film & 2-for-1 haute cuisine

The association between Paris and ‘haute cuisine’ is intricate, deeply entrenched and etched into the sub-consciences of savants and lay persons (like myself) alike. The reputation of France and Paris for its culinary prowess endures long after Louis XIV worked to establish the reputation of France as a centre for luxury, decadence and as a standard bearer for good taste. Since then, what has changed is that haute cuisine has somewhat democratised since the monarchical days of old when good taste was the esoteric preserve of the extremely well-heeled and powerful. Over the decades, the secrets to fine dining have been progressively leaked and common folk, like myself, can access information on what makes for good food. We also have access to the food itself, depending on our levels of willingness and capacity to pay. At the same time, a few things remain antiquated : The domination of the professional culinary world by men for example. While it is true that a broader proportion of middle class folk can enjoy fine dining, the profession itself …

Moroccan Pastilla in Paris : Recipe (and Restaurant?)

It has been almost a month since I returned from a short break to Morocco but I dearly miss the food.I would return to Morocco simply to eat. And, in particular, to eat Bastiya/ Pastilla, the dish that I gorged upon in obscene quantities. Until my next trip to Morocco, I will have to bring Morocco to Paris and look for it here. One step that I’m taking is trading next Sunday’s Roast for Pastilla. I’ll trust this most delightful and educational video to be a guide to prepare next Sunday’s Moroccan style lunch: A dear friend who empathises deeply with the acute culinary fixation that I developed for Moroccan food also recommended the restaurant of the Grand mosque of Paris. Hopefully a trip to the Grand Mosque at 39 Rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire – 75005 Paris will prove to be as delightful as I already imagine it will be…Cannot wait!!

La Bonbonnière

Authentic with a dash of kitsch, La Bonbonni√®re has the atmosphere of a French country brasserie. Yet despite its down-to-earth, rustic-ness it sits at a very sweet location with a view of streets that have featured in the great episodes of the city of Paris and France. Mont Saint Genevieve that bears the name of the city’s patron saint stands in birds eye view. Rue Saint Jacques that formed one of important axes upon which a Roman-inspired urban plan was developed for the city is also an artery that feeds La Bonbonni√®re. The historic palatial residence and tribute to the Medici’s lies not too far either: Jardin Luxembourg is only a few steps away. If the two-in-one deal of a centrally located place to eat and a homey atmosphere are not appealing, the cranberry tart is worth a visit, all by itself. The sheer act of writing about the tart recreates a vivid memory of my encounter with it. Now, that cranberry tart shall most certainly come to me in my dreams. It is also …

new restaurant in the 11√®me

Just heard about “Septime”, a new restaurant in the 11th at 80, rue du Charonne. The concept behind the establishment is interesting, ingredients are sourced locally and significant effort seems to have gone into creating an inviting space. It definitely seems to be worth a visit, especially given its lack of pretentiousness.

La compagnie des crepes

30 Cour Saint Emilion, 75012. Metro Line 14. Went out last night for a satisfying, warm plate at a place that calls itseld the crepe company. All that I can really say is that after close to 18 hours after the experience, my face and my stomach are still aglow and smiling. The food was great – a selection of food from other parts of the country, with a heavy influence of Brittany and Alsace – and the service is as good as it gets for Paris. Courteous, but do not expect them to come round to ask if all is going well and if they can get you anything more. But, I am not complaining! It’s a perfect place to go as winter kicks in! The menu of Alsatian food is also inspiring to try at home!