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French film, poetry and political faux pas

Today, like many of others spent here was swallowed up by the legal reason for my being in Paris – a record breaking 14 hours of classes and talks, back to back. I’m not going to complain. It is part of the deal. In between it all, I managed to pick up a few bits of news about the world beyond the walls of my ‘grande école’ on films to watch, great French poetry to use for pedagogical purposes and the big story of the day provided by none other than the most honourable President of the Republic and his interior minister sidekick. More on that later. French film Two films came as recommended, although I cannot vouch for the good taste or lack thereof of the recommender. The first, I hear, is an entertaining third installation of a series of movies that has now taken on something of a cult following since its first appearance in the late 90s. The series of films apparently revolves around the lives of a group of jewish businessmen, …


Last night, went out to see Spielberg’s production of Tintin. Quite impressive – although I secretly wished that it had been released while I was still in Brussels. (There would have been a much stronger feeling of being in the right setting to watch it! ) Apart from that, the 3D version was well done – the animation is stunning, the plot – classic Tintin. Well, ‘classic Tintin’ for someone who grew up watching English interpretations of the comic. For my French colleagues, small things like the fact that “Milou” is called “Snowy” and DuPont and DuPont are renamed “Thompson and Thompson” point to a deeper problem – that the version of the comic and now, the movie are slightly inferior products to the original French. Be that as it may, it definitely was a worthwhile way of spending the evening of yesterday’s public holiday. Especially given that the original plan (of going to the Fra Angelico exhibition did not materialise! The queue to the museum was discouragingly long, I think We’ll try the exhibition …

Midnight in Paris

After a month of academic year- end craziness – examinations, final papers, presentations, workshops – and very little time to actually experience Paris herself, I am glad to be finally free to explore more of this gorgeous, beautiful city! To get the long summer break into swing – I went out to watch “Midnight in Paris” -this year’s Cannes Film Festival film d’ouverture . All I can say is that it was a worthwhile exercise and a perfect way to kick off the holidays – and become inspired to explore more of the city and return to blogging!! It bears repeating that “Midnight in Paris” is worthwhile – gorgeous!

An accidental favourite: Of "Kong" and "Sex and the City"

Trendy, sophisticated but warm, welcoming and cosy (well, apart from the slightly unfriendly menu price list), Kong is a beautiful place to wind down. Went out to this place with a dear friend, and loved it at first sight! 🙂 Click here SUbsequently, it has emerged that Kong is actually quite famous. It features in the very last double episode of “Sex and The City” , the TV Series. More specifically, it is where Carrie meets her boyfriend’s ex! Well, if anything, that’s a good piece of trivia to retain . (see the clip below for a glimpse of Sex and the City scene featuring Kong!) But, Sex and the City aside, Kong is a great venue in its own right. APart from it’s spectacular view of Pont Neuf bridge (also a favourite of this blogger), the welcoming atmosphere that is nonetheless distinctly chic and stylish makes this a great ‘find”! Address: 1 Rue du Pont Neuf75001 Paris, France01 40 39 09 00Subway: Châtelet

Holiday Cinematic Expedition: Harry Potter, JK Rowling interview

Finally got round to watching “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” (Pt 1). Great cinematic experience, as a matter of course! Interesting to know is that JK Rowling is a former Parisienne – well, she spent a year here as a student reading toward a French and Classics degree. In late 2010, the former Parisienne- for- a-year sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a conversation on Harry Potter and other things. click here

"Skyline": Holiday movie expedition 3

Just watched “Skyline” and good news is that in an apocalyptic alien invasion, Paris emerges unharmed by an army of brain eating extra-terrestrial beings. New York, London, and Frankfurt are not as lucky. There are several, mixed reviews of the rest of the movie. On one hand. there seems to be general agreement that the movie does well in creating and presenting brilliant special effects. Whether the plot, characters and themes are compelling is doubtful in the minds of many professional movie critics. It seems to be performing decently at box offices worldwide. I left the movie with the sense that the makers of the film left plenty of room for improvement un-used. They clearly tried their best with what they had available to them – a small cast of characters and widely reported budgetary constraints. But, I’ll leave cinematic criticism to expert opinion!

Paris in "The Tourist" (Angelina Jolie/Johnny Depp): Expedition 2

Just finished watching “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp: The film opens with scenes shot in Paris, including the dialogue above: and i was wondering about where the Paris scenes were taken. And, apparently the Paris scene above, and the preceding ones in the movie, where shot at Galerie Vivienne (pictured below) according to material released earlier this year by AFP: Galerie Viviene’s elegance comes out pretty well in “The Tourist” while doing Paris proud. The movie itself is a remake of an old French thriler that has received very mixed reviews thus far, but is okay entertainment if only to catch a glimpse of Paris on the big screen – and Angelina Jolie’s gorgeousness. Link to Galerie Viviene Website