Fête du Cinéma 2012, Festival Paris Cinéma

I cannot claim to be a film fundi but I do appreciate the chance to explore cinema from different parts of the world and am especially delighted that there will be plenty of opportunity to do so over the next fortnight or so. It is time for the Fête du cinema and Festival Paris Cinema……

Paris In-Cameo

Last night, finally got round to watching Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess in “One Day” where Paris makes a dazzling cameo appearance. In this clip,  La Gare du Nord provides a backdrop for one of the interesting turns in the movie.

From the walls of the Métro: Hugo Cabret

Noticed this advert on the walls of one of the métro stations. Hugo Cabret, a story revolving around a resident of a Paris railway station. Can’t wait to see it mid december!