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Back from Brussels and Blogging Again

Ok, so Brussels completely exceeded my expectations. Some would argue that this was not so much of a difficult task, the bar was pretty low to begin with. I mean, after spending time in Paris – and being as smitten as I am about this beautiful city – I left for Brussels with an acute sense of superiority. The kind that condescends on all places and things that do not match up to the standards of oh-so-very sophisticated Paris. I was prepared to stoop low and graciously learn the banal ways of Brussels. Boy was I wrong. Behind Brussels’ ramshackle, quirky exterior is a city that I ended up falling completely in love with. Sure, it does not have any of Paris’ small things conveniences that make life here beautiful: No boulangeries on each corner, the charming neurosis of Paris commuters (well, this depends on which end of this neurosis you find yourself on!), metro stops literally everywhere you turn, the list goes on… Nonetheless, there are several things that I ended up loving about …

Away from Paris – Summer in Brussels

This summer I have the great opportunity to do an internship in Brussels, on the EU, in the Capital of the continent itself!! Fantastic privilege!! While it means being away from Paris – it should be interesting nonetheless. S great is my faith in the potential of fun at the heart of Europe that I’ll be blogging on it on a spot dedicated to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg ( Can’t wait, bring on the Summer!! 🙂 Click here for a journal on Summer at the heart of Europe!