Month: April 2012

Election 2012: Prends le Pouvoir Sur Moi, Jean-Luc

Just over a week from now, the first round of the Presidential elections is going to take place. Across the city, campaign posters impose themselves. News headlines, the chatter of people in the métro all seem to reflect that ’tis the season for political decision making. I am going to be following this all quite closely. Even though I will be in Morocco for part of the coming week (I will post a little bit on this trip, all things being equal). To kick off the election watch, I thought to post a video that echoes slightly back to Obama girl in the US. In the Parisian version, we get to enjoy ‘Victoire Passage’ as she sings about one of the many leftist candidates, Jean -Luc Melenchon. (Well as an aside – the very existence of this candidate points to a very fragmented left. i have even heard some people suggest that Melenchon is actually serving the right side of the political spectrum by consciously stealing votes. I am not convinced about this conspiracy theory. …

José Maria Sert Expo, La Petit Palais

Just found out about an exhibition of Catalan ‘Peintre décorateur’, José Maria Sert’s work to be hosted at the Petit Palais. It is set to run until the 5th of August. Sert is widely known for his skilful artistry with murals and apparently also had the distinct privilege of callingSalvador Dali a friend. He also holds his own as one of the several grand masters of art who honed their talents drawing upon the city of Paris as a muse. The ‘expo’ seems to be quite promising as a worthwhile visit. Entrance is at 10 euro, 7 euros for those lucky to be entitled to discounts and 5 euro for half price tickets. It is in times like this that one wishes they could pass for being under 12. For more information, click here

Tribute to Sciences Po’s Richard Descoings

I have the privilege to study at one of France’s most esteemed academic establishments and am acutely aware of why this is possible. In large part, it is thanks to the leadership of Richard Descoings, who, over the past 16 years has fought to make Sciences Po an inclusive, internationalised place of learning, a rich trove of ideas and progressive thought. Interestingly, some people affectionately referred to him as ‘Ritchie D’ which in French sounds very similar to the phrase for very rich, textured ideas – ‘riches idees’. He was found dead in New York yesterday. It is an immense loss. He was a mover and shaker in every sense of the word. And, for those of us who have benefitted from the open space that he created for international students to participate in the life of Sciences Po, gratitude for his well spent life is the least that we can express. May his soul rest in peace. Below is a silent video tribute to Descoings posted on Vimeo by Sciences Po earlier today: Merci …